Entrepreneurship Africa

Entrepreneurship In Africa

Entrepreneurship Africa seeks to profile economic drivers and activities in Africa. A continent widely regarded as the poorest, but ironically the richest in resources. Statistics conclude that entrepreneurial activity is still worryingly low in Africa.

However it’s not all doom and gloom, entrepreneurship is now a buzz word across the continent. More and more graduates will rather initiate ‘something of their own’ than looking for employment. In its colourful cultures, Africa resembles a belly of resilience. Her enterprising citizens and residents will be profiled by this platform.

From a basic survivalist to an innovation warrior in the plush buildings of the metropolis; they all share the similar characteristics; of risk taking and irrepressible keenness to achieve. The activities will be celebrated here. We will strive to show that entrepreneurs are people of blood and flesh just like you; but with restless spirit to achieve, souls that permeate the ether and unbending will to pursue their goals until achievement.

We will not portray entrepreneurship as…

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About Guul Group

Guul Group provides investment opportunities and a growing portfolio across Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa in various sectors including agriculture, logistics, livestock, construction, consultancy in business and marketing, fishery and more. www.guulgroup.com, www.twitter.com/GuulGroup, http://www.facebook.com/GuulGroup,

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