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Somaliland is a region in Somalia that has asserted its status as a sovereign nation, although its status is not formally endorsed nor recognised internationally.  It is still viewed as an autonomous, self-governing region within the country that it belongs to.  It has taken its share of the turmoil and chaos that prevailed during the Somali Civil War, but presently it has not been much affected by the war between the Islamic insurgency and the Somali Transitional Government that is now ravaging the western part of the country.  However, it is now facing the threat of a breakaway state within it, resulting in recent violence.  Nevertheless, the region has been known for the self-assertive spirit that has defined its people and culture.  For this reason, Guul Group has embodied the independent aspirations of the region that it represents.

The Guul Group is a corporation that has a sizeable portfolio and is operating across many business platforms.  Its extensive range of businesses includes transportation and logistics, energy, agriculture, fishery, telecommunications, and consultancy services.  It has striven to establish and bolster trade within Somaliland and the rest of the Horn of Africa.

The company will stand to earn from the recent push that the region has made in attracting global investors.  The regional government has started to open up to investment opportunities and has begun to offer incentives and perks to firms and business entities who would like to do their business there.  Somaliland has already attracted the interest of Britain; the country’s Department for International Development (DID) has pledged to allocate around 63 million pounds yearly for the gradual rebuilding of Somalia and has declared its intention of making Somaliland the focus of the development efforts.

Before, the region, just like the rest of Somalia, is built on an agricultural and subsistence economy and it is dependent on trade that it conducts with the rest of Somalia and the Horn of Africa.  It still relies on agriculture to fuel its economy and the Guul Group’s agriculture section will no doubt be one of the spearheads in developing this sector.  Chronic water shortages have resulted in the famines that have plagued Somalia in recent years, and the Guul Group’s water section will work towards putting up reliable water delivery services and networks not only in Somaliland but for the rest of Somalia and the Horn of Africa. The tourism arm of Guul Group is primed to take advantage of the great opportunities that is evident in the region.  Indeed, there is much to be found in Somaliland and outsiders will very well discover the rich cultural heritage that it has and its relative state of security, a far contrast to the dangers that are inherent in travelling throughout the rest of Somalia.

International investors who are aiming to do business in Somaliland and the Horn of Africa would do well working with the Guul Group.  The company is fully primed to invest and create in the region’s growing economy and it will contribute to the eventual growth of the region.

Guul Group provides consultancy services on project and event management, marketing, branding, strategic private sector development, research and data collection. GG works with  businesses, governments and NGOs. Other services offered include translation, strategic alliance/partner development, market access, sponsorship development, change management, business/organisational development and public relations.


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About Guul Group

Guul Group provides investment opportunities and a growing portfolio across Somaliland, Somalia and the Horn of Africa in various sectors including agriculture, logistics, livestock, construction, consultancy in business and marketing, fishery and more.,,,

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